Kaffe Quilts Again by Kaffe Fassett


Kaffe Fassett takes 20 of his favorite quilt blocks and recreates them in fresh new colors from Rowan Fabrics. Photographed in a simple village in the heart of rural Bulgaria, the quilts present a stunning array of color contrasts, harmonies, and shapes, giving quilters the chance to see a master colorist and his team of designers at work.

Inspired by his students-who often came up with novel versions of his original design-Kaffe decided to create versions of his original designs-kaffe decided to create this collection of favorite quilts re-imagined. The result is an exciting lesson in how to use color and pattern: Whether Kaffe’s stripes and prints, Phillip Jacob’s bold florals, or Brandon Mably’s geometric designs, each new fabric brings a wonderful touch of novelty and freshness. Once again, Kaffe’s talented team-Liza Prior Lucy, Roberta Horton, Marry Mashuta, Pauline Smith, and Roberta Horton, Mary Mashuta, Pauline Smith, and Brandon Mably-lend their individual talents to the mix and the results are beautifully diverse and exciting.

Clear instructions for making each quilt are accompanied by detailed images, along with colored piecing diagrams and templates.

Author: Kaffet Fasset
Paperback: 144 Pages
Language: English
Published by: The Taunton Press
Manufacturers : USA